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Formulated and manufactured in Pretoria South Africa, SMOOVE's creator wanted a chain lube to ride epic-distance stage races without the need to 'top-up' and ensure drivetrains are kept running smoothly.


SMOOVE is an incredibly hard wearing waxy chain lube. But don't discredit its credentials just yet. Unlike other white, wax-based lubes, SMOOVE lasts significantly more miles and is capable of doing so in all weathers and all terrains.

"890m miles on a single application"... Singletrack Magazine
A clean running lubricant that can offer excellent performance"... CyclingNews
For me, this is where Smoove scores over Squirt. Both make great chain lubes, but Smoove seems more resistant to wet weather, going further between applications"... Cycling Weekly
For the everyday rider who often forgets about/puts off cleaning their bike, Smoove is a great option. It lasts forever, runs extremely clean and doesn't attract much grt at all."... BikeRadar

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