Collection: Huck Straps

Huck was born to help you ditch the pack. We sell other products now too, but these straps are what defined us as a business.

There are many products on the market for bike frame stowage which is great for the customer to get exactly the set up they require by mixing and matching different solutions based on their needs.

We are confident that Huck is one of the simplest and best ways to maximise your frame stowage whatever your riding discipline. Even if you have internal frame storage a Huck strap is a great way to add to that capacity on a really big day or overnight trip. It can also be used to keep items like food, spare clothing, knee pads, goggles or anything else that needs to be grabbed quickly within reach.

Like choosing a bike, think carefully about your style of riding and your typical riding destination to decide what you need. A Huck strap could be the ideal companion.

The Handiest Companion

It’s also useful to keep an empty Huck strap wrapped around your frame, out of the way, should you need to take off some layers or even take home some trash you picked up along the way. Huck straps have often been used to tie up broken parts to get the rider home but let’s hope it never comes to that.

The Most Satisfying Cinch

Our straps are the highest quality, handmade in the UK and we think they have the most satisfying cinch. What we mean by that is the quality and strength of the strap can be most felt when cinching up or tightening the strap onto your bike. You can get it really secure, safe in the knowledge that it won’t snap. Your expensive and vital spares and tools will stay put and will be there when you need them.

Give 'Em Hell

We like nothing more than seeing one of our straps out on the trails taking a good pasting. A massive thank you for considering a Huck product. You are buying from a family business that is rider owned and operated. Actual human’s that do a little happy dance and high five each other when each order comes in. THANK YOU!

Every strap comes with a FREE 1ltr Drybag, just  big enough for a tube and your small spares and multitool.