Technical Features

Huck is proudly made in the UK using high-quality materials. Of course, we could use cheaper materials and lower the overall feel, quality and longevity of our products. But hey, that wouldn't be what Huck is all about.

Louri Preload SystemPreload; Our elasticated cord allows you to mount and position your contents in the strap, before mounting it to your bike. This makes mounting far easier and moving from bike to bike or for washing, a breeze. The rubber piping also acts as extra grip or a layer of protection when fastening a range of contents directly against your frame.


Louri Omni tapeMixed hook and loop; We've carefully chosen an alternative to traditional hook & loop and sourced our material for it's strength and superior grip. It doesn't have a fluffy side and a hook side; rather the hook and loop is mixed together to give you a greater range of adjustment.



Louri Bowed Resin LoopBowed Resin Loop; We choose resin for our return loops. The bowed loop we use resists bunching of materials and ensures the strap glides through effortlessly. It's strong enough to hang off while pulling your contents tight and of, course, super light weight. There isn't a need for a metal loop, so we don't use one. We wouldn't want something scratching your frame. 


Louri Rubber BackRubber Protection; textured rubber helps secure contents as well as adding grip and protection to the bike. The Frame Strap includes a long length for this purpose while the Saddle Strap includes a shorter length to reduce bulk when threading through your saddle rails.


Louri Bar Tack BartacksBartacks; We use bartack stitches at all anchoring points to ensure strength and longevity. Pull, tug, stretch...  Huck won't fail you.


Louri is Hand Made in BritainLow Maintenance; Our products aren't afraid of the mud. They are machine washable or you can just leave it on your bike and subject it to the hose pipe. They'll stay looking nice in any weather.


Louri detail photoHandmade in the UK; We chose to keep production in the UK to support the country's industry and ultimately build a better product. Originally it cost a little more to do this but now we are the same price or less than our competition who produce in the Far-East.