Become an ambassador

We love ambassadors! Well, we love good ones at least. If you think you've got what it takes, submit this short form below, telling us why you're different. Remember, we don't like ordinary!

What we look for. This is a guide of the kind of rider we like to support with free product. This facts aren't final, so if you offer something that's 'stand-out' then you should tell us. 

  1. Good reach on social media, especially Instagram; Make sure your account is public and you have a strong follower base. We look for engagement, not follower numbers.
  2. Proven support for the brands you love; When you apply, we'll check out your social media. We'll want to see another brand(s) getting your publicity/support to give us an idea of how you will support us.
  3. Conduct yourself well; Make sure your social media is on-point. We want to see you ride bikes and having fun on bikes. Make sure you come across well. We don't want to see you on forums or social media, picking digital fights or using bad or insulting language.
  4. Be seen; Winning races is great, but attending races/festivals and being seen using our product is just as important.
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