Feeling Minty! Our first Limited Edition

Feeling Minty! Our first Limited Edition

I'm incredibly proud to write this after many months in the making. For those of us who started mountain biking some 20...no, 30 years ago, the name Mint Sauce perhaps stood out more than it does today. 

Since the end of the eighties, Jo Burt drew, coloured and evolved our favourite mountain biking sheep for the inside of MBUK magazine. Mint's legendary status adorned MBUK ever since and before the internet came along, was probably the best viewed cartoon in mountain biking. Mint and his friends quickly became distinctive icons of the sport. 

Louri MTB Strap Jo Burt Limited Edition Mint Sauce SheepWhile Mint Sauce and other characters in the art-strip belong to the pages of MBUK, other features of Jo's art stood out too, such as the beautiful woman that is summer. Or the near miss of the tree stump or barbed wire that was death. Jo's unique talent of drawing flower heads are perhaps as distinctive as the lovable sheep himself. 

It took some time before Mint's creator Jo Burt, agreed to put crayon to parchment. But when he purchased a Lourí Frame Strap with his own money, I knew it was time.

Some months later, we have before us Lourí's first custom edition available in strictly limited numbers. What do we mean by that? Well, we've had just TWO rolls or webbing printed with this design. That's it, no more. 2 rolls produces around 90 Frame Straps of which a few will reside with Jo himself, a couple for Lourí HQ and a bunch delivered to some of those key individuals who may have worked within Mint Sauce culture back in the day at Britains leading cycling titles. 

So what that means is, we have a MAXIMUM of 60 Frame Straps available to buy. They're online now on our Frame Strap pages. Hurry, because once word gets out, we expect these to be gone in no time. 

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