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Picture this: You're blazing your favourite single track, only to come around the bend and find a dog walker jumping out of their skin and understandably unhappy about the freight. Or, you're cycling along through the forest and you walkers ahead of you don't notice the sound of your bike approaching. 

The Problem: Calling "on your left" is heard by unsuspecting trail users only as a noise. They scatter. Similarly with a traditional bell, if used too early it isn't heard. Or used too late and it startles people. 

The solution: Timber! is an automatic bell that can be manually switched ON or OFF. Once ON, it rattles with the motion of the trail/path/street hands-free to alert other trail users to your approach in a calm and friendly way. When not needed, switch the bell OFF for silence. 

The model YEW! bells are robust and rebuildable. We stock spare parts, so just ask should you have a crash and need help fixing your bell.

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